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Is Gaming More Profitable Than Traditional Jobs? The Truth About Esports Careers In India

Updated: Feb 2

Is Esports A Good Career In India?

Are you a gaming enthusiast wondering if eSports can be a viable career option in India? It might surprise you to know that the Indian eSports market was valued at around $818 million in 2020.

This blog will help guide your decision, as we explore the potential, challenges, and strategies for making a successful career in this rapidly emerging digital sports field. Stay tuned to find out how gaming controllers could replace office desks!

The Rise of eSports in India

Esports in India has experienced a significant surge in popularity, fueled by the impact of the pandemic and increased coverage on Indian TV.

The impact of the Pandemic

The pandemic has helped esports grow in India. More people stayed at home and played games for fun. Soon, many of them took part in online tournaments. Some even became professional gamers.

This made the gaming industry bigger than before. It opened new jobs for trainers, managers, and players too. Now, there are even esports cafés where people can practice for big competitions.

The pandemic has changed how we see gaming in India forever.

eSports on Indian TV

TV channels in India now show esports. DSPORT and MTV India are two of these channels. They bring gaming content to a lot of people. It also helps make esports known to those who might not know it before.

This TV airing is key for the growth of esports in our country.

These shows on TV help players too. Players gain more fans as they get seen by many people across India, which could lead to bigger deals or sponsorships with brands, teams, and tournaments.

So, Indian gamers have even more reasons to go after their dreams in esports! This change has helped push forward the rise of competitive gaming here in India.

The Prospects of Making eSports a Career in India

Esports offers increased job opportunities and the chance to compete in prestigious international events, such as inclusion in the Asian Games.

Increased job market

Esports jobs are growing fast in India. Game makers, team managers, and players can all find work. The esports market in India was worth about $818 million in 2020. Now, more than ever before, there are opportunities for work in this field.

Esports is not just fun and games, it's also a place where people can build their careers.

Inclusion in the Asian Games

Esports became part of the Asian Games in 2018. This was big news for Indian gamers. It gave them a chance to play under India's flag, just like other athletes. Being in the Asian Games puts esports next to sports such as cricket and soccer.

More people see it as a real sport now. The Government of India also sees this change and is helping more with esports events. Indian players can look forward to better training and support from here on.

Challenges of Pursuing eSports as a Career in India

Limited funding and development, infrastructure issues, and lack of awareness pose significant challenges in pursuing eSports as a career in India.

Limited funding and development

A major challenge for those pursuing eSports as a career in India is limited funding and development. This means that there is not enough financial support available for aspiring eSports players to train, compete, and grow professionally.

Without sufficient funding, it becomes difficult for players to secure sponsorships and cover expenses such as travel, equipment, and training. Additionally, the lack of dedicated training facilities and coaching further hinders the development of eSports in India.

Moreover, the limited number of companies in India focused on eSports adds to the challenges faced by the industry. Limited infrastructure and connectivity, especially in rural areas, also pose barriers to the growth of eSports in India.

Infrastructure issues

Infrastructure issues pose significant challenges for aspiring esports players in India. Limited availability of gaming accessories and equipment hinder their progress, as they struggle to find the necessary tools to compete at a high level.

Additionally, the lack of proper internet connectivity and low-speed internet are major obstacles for Indian gamers pursuing a career in esports. Power outages and frequent fluctuations in electricity supply further disrupt the smooth gaming experience for players in India.

Moreover, the inadequate gaming infrastructure, including the absence of gaming arenas and dedicated esports training centers, makes it challenging for players to practice and improve their skills.

Lack of awareness

Many people in India are not aware of the challenges that come with pursuing esports as a career. They do not understand the level of dedication, skill, and practice required to succeed in this field.

This lack of awareness can lead to misconceptions and unrealistic expectations about what it takes to make a living from playing video games competitively. Without proper knowledge and understanding, aspiring professionals may struggle to navigate their way through the esports industry and find opportunities for growth and success.

How to Navigate a Career in eSports in India

To navigate a career in eSports in India, it is essential to choose your niche within the industry, embrace a multi-skilled approach, and prioritize consistent practice to improve your gaming skills.

Choosing your niche

Choosing your niche in the world of eSports is key to building a successful career. With so many different games and genres available, it's important to find your passion and focus on a specific area.

Whether you prefer battle royale games like PUBG Mobile or strategy games like League of Legends, choosing a niche allows you to specialize your skills and stand out from the competition.

Consider your strengths, interests, and goals when selecting your niche, as this will help guide your training and career path in the exciting world of eSports.

Embracing a multi-skilled approach

Embracing a multi-skilled approach is crucial for success in the esports industry in India. In this fast-paced and competitive field, having expertise in multiple games or skills can give you an edge over others.

It's important to explore different game genres and develop proficiency in various game mechanics. By being versatile, you can adapt to different gaming scenarios and find new opportunities for growth.

Additionally, being skilled in different areas of esports, such as content creation or social media marketing, can also open doors to other career avenues within the industry. So, don't limit yourself to just one game or skill set - embrace a multi-skilled approach and broaden your horizons in the world of esports.

The importance of practice

Building a successful career in eSports in India requires one key element: practice. Daily hours of focused training and gameplay are crucial for sharpening skills, improving strategies, and staying ahead of the competition.

By consistently dedicating time to practice, aspiring eSports players can enhance their reflexes, decision-making abilities, and teamwork skills. Practice allows gamers to identify their weaknesses and areas for improvement while honing their strengths.

It is through continuous practice that players can refine their techniques and stay at the top of their game. In the world of eSports, where competition is fierce and talent alone is not enough, consistent practice becomes the foundation for success.


In conclusion, eSports offers promising career opportunities in India. The rise of the industry, increased job market, and inclusion in events like the Asian Games show its potential.

However, challenges such as limited funding, infrastructure issues, and lack of awareness need to be addressed. By choosing a niche, embracing a multi-skilled approach, and committing to practice, aspiring professionals can navigate a successful career in Indian eSports.

With the growing popularity and revenue growth in the industry, it is indeed a good career option for passionate gamers in India.

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