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BGIS 2024 Wildcard: Overview, Teams Qualified for Semi Finals 1.

BGIS 2024 Wildcard
Credits: Kraftonesports


  • The Wildcard Entry of BGIS 2024 will see 64 teams compete across four days for a slot in the Sem i Finals Week 1.

  • A total of 16 teams from the Wildcard Entry will advance to the Semi Finals Week 1 of BGIS 2024.

BGIS 2024 Wildcard detailed

The Wildcard Entry of BGIS 2024 took place from May 30th to June 2nd. It featured 64 teams: 48 teams from Round 4 and 16 teams from Round 3.

These teams were divided into 4 groups of 16 teams each. Each group played 6 matches, and a total of 16 teams advanced to Semifinals Week 1. The teams played 3 matches over the first 2 days, were reshuffled, and then played the remaining 3 matches over the next 2 days.

These are some of the teams that have qualified for the semifinal 1 of BGIS 2024 from Wildcard:

  • iQOO Soul

  • Godlike Esports

  • Mogo Esports

  • Entity Gaming

  • Galaxy Esports

  • Rivalry Esports

  • Carnival Gaming

  • NIY Esports

  • Team AARU

  • 7Shore Esports

  • VOLTX Gaming

  • LOC Esports

  • THW Esports


  • Raven Esports

  • Livecraft Esports

Points System

The BGIS 2024 event will see a new points system where the team securing the chicken dinner will be awarded 10 points unlike before where it was 15 points. The new points system puts a significant amount of emphasis on the finishes each team secures. 

Points system for the BGIS 2024 Wildcard Entry:

  • 1st place: 10 points.

  • 2nd place: 6 points. 

  • 3rd place: 5 points.

  • 4th place: 4 points.

  • 5th place: 3 points.

  • 6th place: 2 points.

  • 7th place: 1 point.

  • 8th place: 1 point. 

  • 9th - 16th place: 0 points.

  • 1 Finish: 1 point.

Where to watch BGIS 2024 Wildcard?

The Wildcard Entry of BGIS 2024 main event will be live streamed on the official Krafton India Esports Youtube Channel from 30th May, 3:30 PM onwards in Hindi and English. 

Multiple seasoned and underdog squads who competed in BGIS 2024 Wildcard will be seen competing in the Semifinal 1 of BGIS 2024. The Wildcard Entry will see some of the well-known teams like iQOO Soul, Godlike Esports, Entity Gaming and MOGO Esports compete for a spot in the Grand Final.

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