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Unlocking the hidden goldmine: Why esports may be the most lucrative career choice for Indians

Updated: Feb 2

Is esports a good career in India?

Deciding on a career path can be daunting, particularly when contemplating unconventional industries like esports in India. But did you know that the Indian esports industry has witnessed significant growth and is now recognized as a viable profession?

This blog will explore the opportunities, challenges, salaries, and the potential future of pursuing an exciting career in this dynamic digital arena.

So gear up as we delve into whether esports really is a good career choice in India!

Key Takeaways

  • Esports in India is gaining popularity and experiencing significant growth, offering various career options for gamers.

  • The Indian esports industry provides job opportunities such as professional gamers, game developers, game testers, gaming content creators, esports event managers, esports coaches, and commentators/analysts.

  • Limited funding and infrastructure issues are challenges in pursuing an esports career in India. However, with increasing government recognition and rising popularity, there is hope for improved funding and infrastructure development.

  • Despite challenges, the Indian esports sector offers lucrative salaries, global recognition, and immense potential for growth and success. Pursuing a career in esports can be highly rewarding for individuals passionate about gaming.

Current Scenario of eSports in India

Esports in India has experienced a surge in popularity and growth, with an increase in job opportunities, recognition in major sporting events, and the ongoing impact of the pandemic on the industry.

Increased popularity and growth

Esports is gaining big fame in India. More people now play video games as a sport. The market is growing fast too. In the last 10 years, it grew by 38% each year worldwide. Esports brings in $1.8 billion every year around the globe! But, India only makes up 1% of this global gaming market right now.

With more love for esports, we can expect to see more growth in the future here in India!

Job opportunities in the industry

The esports industry in India offers a wide range of job opportunities for gamers. Here are some roles you can explore:

  1. Professional Gamer: You can pursue a career as a professional gamer and compete in various esports tournaments both nationally and internationally.

  2. Game Developer: With the growing demand for new and innovative games, there are ample job opportunities in game development. You can work as a game designer, programmer, or artist.

  3. Game Tester: Game testing is an essential part of the game development process. You can work as a game tester and ensure the quality and functionality of games.

  4. Gaming Content Creator: If you have a knack for creating engaging gaming content, you can become a streamer, YouTuber, or social media influencer in the gaming industry.

  5. Esports Event Manager: There is a need for professionals who can organize and manage esports events, including tournaments, leagues, and championships.

  6. Esports Coach: As esports gains recognition, the demand for coaches who can train aspiring gamers is also increasing.

  7. Esports Commentator/Analyst: Just like traditional sports, esports requires commentators and analysts to provide live commentary and insights during tournaments.

Recognition in major sporting events

Esports has gained recognition in major sporting events around the world. In India, while it is still in its early stages, esports is starting to be acknowledged as a legitimate competitive activity.

Major tournaments like the Indian Gaming Show (IGX) and ESL One Mumbai have showcased the talent of Indian gamers on an international stage. This recognition not only gives esports players a chance to shine but also helps in raising awareness about the industry and its potential as a career option.

With more exposure and support, esports could become even more prominent in major sporting events in the future.

Impact of the pandemic on the industry

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the esports industry in India. Many tournaments and events were postponed or canceled, leading to financial losses for organizers and teams.

However, there was also a surge in online gaming and streaming platforms as people turned to esports for entertainment during lockdowns. This increased popularity opened up new opportunities for gamers and content creators.

Additionally, with physical sports being put on hold, esports gained recognition as a legitimate sporting alternative. Despite the challenges faced, the pandemic brought attention to the resilience of the esports industry and its potential for growth in India's gaming market.

Challenges in Pursuing a Career in eSports in India

Limited funding, infrastructure issues, talent nurturing challenges, and lack of awareness and understanding pose obstacles to pursuing a career in eSports in India. Read on to discover the potential and opportunities in the Indian eSports sector.

Limited funding and development

Limited funding and development are significant challenges in pursuing a career in esports in India. Unlike other countries, the Indian gaming industry still lacks sufficient financial support and investment.

This limited funding hampers the overall growth and development of esports infrastructure, which is crucial for nurturing talent and organizing high-quality tournaments. Additionally, there is also a lack of dedicated training centers and coaching facilities to help aspiring gamers improve their skills.

These factors make it difficult for Indian gamers to compete on an international level and showcase their full potential. However, with increased recognition from the government and growing popularity of esports, there is hope that more funding will be allocated to develop the necessary infrastructure for this promising industry in India.

Infrastructure issues

The infrastructure for esports in India is currently facing some challenges. There is a lack of dedicated gaming arenas and training facilities that can provide the necessary equipment and environment for professional gamers to practice and compete.

Internet connectivity issues, particularly in rural areas, also pose a problem for online gaming tournaments. Additionally, there is a need for more investment in technology and hardware to support high-performance gaming.

These infrastructure challenges need to be addressed to further develop the esports industry in India and provide better opportunities for aspiring gamers.

Talent nurturing challenges

Developing and nurturing talent in the esports industry in India can be challenging. Limited funding and resources make it difficult for aspiring gamers to receive proper training and support.

Infrastructure issues, such as a lack of gaming centers or dedicated facilities, further hinder talent development. Additionally, there is a lack of awareness and understanding about esports as a viable career option, which means that many potential talents may not even consider pursuing it.

Overcoming these challenges requires investment in talent development programs, creating more opportunities for training and competition, and raising awareness about the potential of esports as a legitimate profession.

Lack of awareness and understanding

Many gamers in India are not fully aware of the potential and opportunities that come with pursuing a career in esports. There is a lack of understanding about the industry and its growth prospects.

Despite the increasing popularity of gaming, many people still view it as just a hobby rather than a viable profession. This limited awareness leads to misconceptions about the earning potential and job prospects in esports.

It is important for gamers to educate themselves and others about the reality of esports as a promising career choice in India.

Overcoming the perception of it not being a viable career option

Many people still believe that pursuing a career in esports is not a viable option. However, this perception is changing rapidly. Esports has gained recognition as an official career option by the government of India.

The industry is witnessing tremendous growth and offers various roles and professions to explore. With the gaming industry booming in India, esports has become a promising choice with lucrative salaries and immense potential for growth and success.

It's important to understand that esports is not just a hobby or pastime; it's a legitimate profession with professional gamers competing at global tournaments. So, if you have the skills and passion for competitive gaming, don't let any preconceived notions hold you back from considering esports as a viable career choice.

Potential and Opportunities in the Indian eSports Sector

The Indian eSports sector offers a plethora of potential and opportunities, including various career options, lucrative salaries, and global recognition. Read on to explore the promising world of professional gaming in India.

Various career options in the industry

Esports offers a wide range of career options for gamers in India. Here are some exciting roles and professions to explore:

  1. Professional Gamer: Compete in esports tournaments and earn a living through sponsorships, prize money, and streaming revenue.

  2. Game Tester: Test new games for bugs, glitches, and provide feedback to game developers.

  3. Game Developer: Create, design, and program video games either as part of a team or independently.

  4. Esports Coach: Guide and train teams or individual players to improve their skills and strategy in competitive gaming.

  5. Shoutcaster/Commentator: Provide live commentary during esports events to engage viewers and enhance the viewing experience.

  6. Streamer/Content Creator: Broadcast live gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, entertain viewers, and build a loyal fanbase.

  7. Esports Event Manager: Organize and oversee esports tournaments, managing logistics, sponsorship deals, and ensuring smooth operations.

  8. Video Editor: Edit gameplay footage into engaging content for social media platforms or personal channels.

  9. Community Manager: Engage with fans on social media, organize online events, manage forums, and build a strong community around a game or brand.

  10. Esports Journalist/Blogger: Write articles or create content about the latest developments in the esports industry, interview players, cover tournaments, etc.

Lucrative salaries and growth prospects

Esports in India offers lucrative salaries and promising growth prospects. As the industry continues to grow, so do the opportunities for professionals in various roles. The average salary in esports ranges from Rs 30,000 and can increase significantly depending on skill level and experience.

With the gaming industry booming in India, there is great potential for individuals to build successful careers as professional gamers or in other related positions. Moreover, with government recognition and global participation, the future looks bright for those looking to pursue a career in Indian esports.

Global recognition and participation

Esports is not just popular in India, but also recognized and celebrated worldwide. The global recognition of esports as a legitimate sport has opened up exciting opportunities for gamers in India.

International eSports tournaments like The International (Dota 2) and the League of Legends World Championship have gained massive popularity and attract top players from around the globe.

Indian gamers are no exception when it comes to participating on an international level. Several Indian teams have competed in prestigious competitions such as ESL One, DreamHack, and PUBG Mobile World League.

Their involvement has helped put Indian esports on the map and showcase the country's gaming talent to a wider audience.

With increased global recognition, Indian gamers now have more chances to prove their skills at an international stage and gain valuable exposure. It not only opens doors for professional growth but also allows them to connect with other passionate gamers from different parts of the world.


Esports is indeed a good career choice in India. With the increasing popularity and growth of the industry, there are abundant job opportunities available. Despite some challenges, such as limited funding and infrastructure issues, the potential and opportunities in the Indian esports sector are immense.

It offers lucrative salaries, global recognition, and a platform for individuals to showcase their skills and talent in competitive gaming. So if you have a passion for gaming, pursuing a career in esports can be highly rewarding in India.

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