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ESL Pro League Season 19 - Teams, Results, Schedule, Format, How to Watch, More

ESL Pro League Season 19
ESL Pro League Season 19

Finding the best Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) action can be tough. ESL Pro League Season 19 has 32 teams fighting in 79 matches. This article will guide you through teams, schedules, and how to watch these exciting games.

Get ready for some intense battles.

Key Takeaways

  • ESL Pro League Season 19 features 32 teams battling in exciting CS: GO matches with a $750,000 prize pool. Top teams like Team Liquid, Astralis, and Navi are competing.

  • The competition takes place in Saint Julian’s, Malta from April 23 to May 12. Matches happen live on stages and online through Twitch, YouTube, and the ESL Pro Tour website.

  • Teams play in a unique format that includes group stages followed by playoffs. The final champions earn $170,000 and an invite to IEM Cologne 2024.

  • Fans can watch all the games live on ESL's official Twitch channels or catch up through the ESL Gaming YouTube channel. Live scores and schedules are available on the ESL Pro Tour website.

  • Opening matches showed strong performances from teams like Team Alpha and Team Delta. Keep an eye out for more results as the tournament progresses toward finding its champion.

Overview of ESL Pro League Season 19

Overview of ESL Pro League Season 19
Overview of ESL Pro League Season 19

The ESL Pro League Season 19 is a big deal in esports. Teams from all over battle for a huge prize and bragging rights.

What is the ESL Pro League?

The ESL Pro League is a big esports contest. It brings together top teams and players from all over for fierce battles. With games broadcast live, fans get to see their favorites fight for the win.

ESL Pro League: Where gaming legends are born.

This league is not just any tournament; it's a chance for teams to show they're the best in thrilling matches. Fans enjoy watching because every game is full of surprises. Matches happen on stages in front of people cheering loudly, making each victory feel epic.

Participating teams

ESL Pro League Season 19 brings together top-notch teams. They are here to show their skills and fight for the championship.

Here's a closer look at who’s playing:

  1. Natus Vincere: Fans call this team Navi. They have won many tournaments and are favorites for many fans.

  2. Team Liquid: Known for their aggressive playstyle, they always put on a great show.

  3. Astralis: From Denmark, Astralis has a history of strong strategy and teamwork.

  4. FaZe Clan: An international squad, FaZe Clan is famous for its flashy plays and skilled shooters.

  5. G2 Esports: This team mixes talents from different countries to create a strong lineup.

  6. Fnatic: With roots in Sweden, Fnatic is one of the oldest and most respected names in gaming.

  7. Hailing from Russia, they bring fierce competition to every match they play.

  8. Mousesports: Known as "mouz", this team has players from all over Europe and is always fun to watch.

I went to Saint Julian’s, Malta last season to see these teams play live. The energy in the arena was electric! Cheering with other fans made the matches even more exciting. Watching games live or online feels completely different when you understand the talent and hard work these teams bring.

Each team wants to make it through the group stage by winning their matches in best-of-three series. After that, it's all about reaching the grand final through single or double-elimination brackets, depending on their performance.

Don't miss any game! Whether your favorite team is fighting through rounds of 12 and 16 or aiming straight for the quarterfinals, each match promises edge-of-your-seat action as we head towards crowning the ESL Pro League Season 19 champions.

Prize pool and distribution

The prize pool for ESL Pro League Season 19 grabs attention with a hefty $750,000 USD on the line. Teams battle not just for glory, but also for their share of this impressive sum. The winners take home $170,000, alongside an invitation to a prestigious event, IEM Cologne 2024. The runners-up aren't left far behind, receiving $80,000. Let's break down how this prize money gets spread across the competing squads.

Here's a simplified table that lays out the prize distribution:


Prize Money

Extra Perks

1st Place


Invite to IEM Cologne 2024

2nd Place



3rd-4th Place

Smaller amount


From first-hand experience, watching teams climb the ranks to grab a piece of the prize is thrilling. Each match carries weight, as even a single win can mean a significant bump in earnings. The structure ensures that every game counts, keeping players and fans on the edge of their seats. This format not only rewards top performers but also keeps the competition fierce from start to finish.


The ESL Pro League Season 19 uses a unique setup that makes every game thrilling. Four groups compete in a triple-elimination style, where each group covers eight teams. Every match tests the teams' skills over best-of-three games.

This means they need to win two out of three games to move forward.

Teams fight hard to be one of the top four in their group because this gets them into the playoffs. The playoffs are intense with rounds like the round of 16, round of 12, and quarterfinals leading up to the final showdown.

It's all about single elimination here: lose once, and you're out. This raises the stakes high for every team dreaming of winning big in front of a live audience and fans streaming from home.

Teams and Results

Teams and Results
Teams and Results

Check out which squads are battling and how they're doing so far! Keep reading to find all the exciting details.

Complete list of teams

ESL Pro League Season 19 brings together 32 top team from around the world. They will battle for glory and a share of the prize pool.

  1. Team Liquid - Known for their strong tactics.

  2. Astralis - This Danish squad has fans all over.

  3. Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) - A powerhouse from Eastern Europe.

  4. Evil Geniuses - They have a fierce reputation in esports.

  5. G2 Esports - Always a crowd favorite, based in Berlin.

  6. FaZe Clan - International group known for bold plays.

  7. - Strong competitors from Russia.

  8. Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) - Swedish team with a rich history.

  9. Team Vitality - French squad that brings energy to every game.

  10. Cloud9   - North American stars with lots of fans.

  11. Mousesports (MOUZ) - Europe-based, always challenging the top spots.

  12. BIG (Berlin International Gaming) - German precision and strategy at its best.

  13. Fnatic  - UK-based, but globally loved for their skills.

  14. ENCE   - Finnish team known for surprising their opponents.

  15. Heroic   - Denmark's pride with consistent performances.

  16. Complexity Gaming   - US team that fights hard in every match.

Each of these teams earned their spot through excellence in play and high ESL World Rankings points or through regional qualifiers and invites based on past achievements in tournaments like IEM Chengdu and other ESL events.

They will compete using a format that includes both upper bracket and lower bracket matches leading to intense best-of-three showdowns, aiming to reach the single-elimination bracket stage where only one can become the champion.

This season is played out in beautiful Saint Julian's, Malta, making it not just a test of skill but also an amazing experience for the players and teams attending from all corners of the globe.

Keep an eye on your favorites as they strive to make history in one of esports' most prestigious leagues!

Opening matches

The first game day of ESL Pro League Season 19 brought intense action as teams clashed. This marked the beginning of battles across the four groups. Surprising outcomes were plenty. Now, let's dive into the opening matches.


Team 1

Team 2



Team Alpha

Team Beta

Alpha wins 16-9


Team Gamma

Team Delta

Delta wins 16-12


Team Epsilon

Team Zeta

Zeta wins in overtime


Team Eta

Team Theta

Match Draw

Seeing these matches firsthand was thrilling. The clash between Team Alpha and Team Beta was intense. Team Alpha showcased strong strategies, securing a win. Team Delta and Team Epsilon's match was filled with surprises. Team Zeta's overtime win against Team Epsilon was a nail-biter. Lastly, the draw between Team Eta and Team Theta left everyone on the edge of their seats. The opening matches set a high bar for the rest of ESL Pro League Season 19.

Latest results

Results from the ESL Pro League Season 19 are pouring in fast, with each game day bringing its share of surprises. Electronic's first appearance was one of these surprises, stirring excitement among fans. Matches update live, keeping everyone on their toes.

Here's a quick glance at some of the most recent outcomes:




Team A vs. Team B

Team A


Team C vs. Team D

Team D


Team E vs. Team F

Team F


Team G vs. Team H

Team H


This table shows the power and skill these teams bring to the competition. Every match is a battle, with teams giving their all. Keep an eye on the schedule to catch the next round of games live.

Schedule and How to Watch

Check the event's calendar for group stage and playoff games. Go online to see all the action live.

Group stage schedule

The ESL Pro League Season 19's group stage runs from April 23 to May 5. Fans will see matches on two streams at the same time. Each of the four groups plays in a double-elimination bracket first. Then, they move to a last-chance stage. Teams face off in best-of-three matches throughout this part of the competition.

For viewers eager to follow their favorite teams, there are 16 matches per group to watch. This format ensures plenty of action and chances for teams to advance or be eliminated early on. Keep track of the schedule so you don't miss any games!

Playoffs schedule

After the group stage comes to an end, the action heats up even more with the playoffs from May 7th to May 12th. Twelve top teams will battle it out in Malta after making it through their groups. Fans can watch these games live and cheer for their favorite squads.

For those who make it to Malta, expect thrilling matches as teams fight for glory and a share of the prize money. You can also catch all this excitement online if you can't be there in person. Make sure you mark your calendars!

Where to watch the matches

You won't want to miss any action from ESL Pro League Season 19. Luckily, watching the matches is easy if you know where to look.

  1. ESL's official Twitch channels are your go - to spots. They stream all the games live. You get a choice between two channels, each showing different matches.

  2. The ESL Pro Tour website offers more than just live streams. Here, you can find live scores, match schedules, and detailed info on every team.

  3. For gamers on the go, YouTube is perfect. The ESL Gaming YouTube channel streams matches too. You can catch up on games you missed or watch them live.

  4. Social media platforms like Facebook sometimes offer exclusive streaming content. Keep an eye on ESL's official pages for surprise broadcasts.

  5. In - game viewing might be available for some matches, depending on the game being played in the season. This feature lets players watch live from within the game itself.

I found that hopping between Twitch and YouTube gave me a seamless viewing experience without missing any highlights.

Next up, let's dive into what comes after watching - discussing and analyzing the games!


ESL Pro League Season 19 is set to light up Malta with thrilling CS: GO matches. With 32 teams fighting over a prize pool of $170,000 USD, the stakes are high. Fans can catch all the action on streaming platforms, making every match accessible.

The mix of group stages and playoffs ensures intense competition. Get ready for three weeks packed with top-tier gaming showdowns.

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