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BGMI Lucky Spin Event: Gilded Wings Set, Mythic Outfit, and AWM Skin Unveiled


  • The BGMI Lucky Spin event features a variety of rewards, including several Mythic Outfits and an AWM skin.

  • Players can obtain up to ten rewards through the event’s draw or by redeeming Lucky Coins in the event’s store.

BGMI Lucky Spin Event
BGMI Lucky Spin Event

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers a variety of incentives via its crates and events. Character outfits and weapon skins are among the exclusive goodies that have recently been added to the Lucky Spin event for players. Players can enjoy a variety of character outfits in the newest addition to the Lucky Spin section. We shall examine the Lucky Spin event at BGMI and its prizes in this article.

Details of the Lucky Spin Event Awards

The Lucky Spin event in BGMI offers players the chance to acquire a plethora of character costumes, vehicle skins, and weapon skins. Among the standout rewards are unique skins for the Dacia car, Buggy, and Motorcycle, as well as Melee skins.

Additionally, players can obtain vehicle upgrading supplies and Lucky Coins, which can be used to redeem items from the event store. To earn these prizes or gather Lucky Coins, players need to participate in the event's draw. The event commenced on May 11 and will continue until June 10, providing ample time for players to try their luck and secure these exclusive rewards.

Here are some of the rewards from the Lucky Spin event in BGMI:

  • Gilded Wings Set.

  • Gilded Wings Cover.

  • Gilded Wings AWM skin.

  • Chic Boxhead Set.

  • Chic Boxhead Cover.

  • Patched Puppet Set.

  • Patches Puppet Cover.

  • Classic Crate Coupons.

These are the number of Lucky Coins required to draw rewards from the event’s exchange store:

  • Midknight Dacia (Level 1) - 250 Lucky Coins.

  • Inferno Valkyrie Set - 180 Lucky Coins.

  • Inferno Valkyrie Cover - 90 Lucky Coins.

  • Inferno Valkyrie Mask - 80 Lucky Coins.

  • Mechedge Machete Skin - 140 Lucky Coins.

  • Sonicshock Helmet Skin - 160 Lucky Coins.

  • Amble Anchor Ornament - 50 Lucky Coins.

  • Justice Showdown Parachute - 50 Lucky Coins.

  • Engine Core (to upgrade vehicles) - 50 Lucky Coins.

  • Pumpkin Dacia Skin (Level 1) - 250 Lucky Coins.

  • Castle Dacia Skin (Level 1) - 250 Lucky Coins.

  • Speedy Reindeer Dacia Skin (Level 1) - 250 Lucky Coins.

  • Zombie Mess Dacia Skin (Level 1) - 250 Lucky Coins.

  • Enchanted Pumpkin UAZ Skin (Level 1) - 250 Lucky Coins.

  • Skeleton Chariot Motorbike Skin (Level 1) - 200 Lucky Coins.

  • Roaring Tiger Motorbike Skin (Level 1) - 200 Lucky Coins.

  • Ceratops Blitz Buggy Skin (Level 1) - 250 Lucky Coins.

These are some of the guaranteed rewards for the number of draws done:

  • 1x Mythic Emblem Fragment - 20 draws.

  • 1x Modification Material Piece - 40 draws.

  • 40 Lucky Coins - 70 draws.

  • 60 Lucky Coins - 100 draws.

  • 80 Lucky Coins - 150 draws.

Players will have to play the Lucky Spin draw in order to get their rewards. The first draw will cost only 10 Unknown Cash (UC) after which it will cost 30 UC for a single draw and 270 UC for 10 draws.

This event is a good opportunity for players to get multiple Mythic Outfits and vehicle and motorbike Skins at a very cheap price.

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